Our Program

Our Goal

We strive to provide a quality child care experience for both our children
and their families. We believe this experience must be rooted in a clean, safe
environment as well as a stimulating learning atmosphere.

The Facts

Our staff are ready to receive your children at 7:15am. Pick-up time is 5:45pm.


Calendar of Events

Everyday unique, fun activities take place at KidZone. We highlight the most important things parents need to remember in a monthly calendar. View our example calendars here:

Sample Menu

Everyone has to eat and our Cook takes much care in preparing meals for our KidZone family. Check out our sample menu:


Our approach to learning combines a variety of experiences aimed at facilitating and stimulating all aspects of a child’s development including social, cognitive, motor, language, self-help and self-esteem.

To do this, we offer:

  • A structured daily program combining prescribed activities with opportunities for free choice.
  • Emphasis the development of both specific skills necessary for entering school as well as general coping and problem solving techniques.
  • An active-discovery and play-oriented approach in which learning may take place through the child’s interaction with the environment.
  • A “Teacher-as-facilitator” model in which the teacher establishes and monitors new experiences to encourage curiosity and exploration.
  • Consideration for each child’s unique needs and abilities combined with individual tracking of developmental milestones.